Welcome to Skito, home of the original Skito Equalizer™ and the Skito Dryback® and Skito Shim System. Skito custom orthopedic saddle pads are built to suit your specific saddle fitting needs. We make a pad for every saddle made. Foam density is a key in regards to comfort, support and durability. We offer two types of density one for light to mid weight range and one that will support a heavier weight range. For the Treeless Saddle advocate, all of our foam inserts are beveled to eliminate pressure points and allow your leg to lay closer to the animal. Skito has also developed laminated foam inserts for spinal protection, Lexan inserts for penetrating seat bones. And the Skito Shim System developed to fill those dips and hollows at the withers and spine to help achieve a "better balanced fit" when riding Treeless, Western, English, Aussie, custom saddles and riding with a bareback pad. We are a phone call away and we look forward to building a saddle pad that will achieve a better saddle fit that will provide protection and comfort your equine partner.

If you would like to place an order please check out our contact us page or our online store, or if you still have questions give us a call.

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